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About Us

  Yantai Zhenghai Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter called the Company) established in July, 2011, belongs to Zhenghai Group Co., Ltd., and is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to providing customized and professional touch solutions for customers.


  Based on the transparent conducting metal ITO and metal mesh, with roll-to-roll photolithography process technology, the Company's sensor product has many advantages, such as ultra-narrow bezel, high precision, light, thinness, flexible and suitable for 3D surface design. Moreover, the minimum grid line width of metal mesh products is only 3µm and the maximum size can reach 110 inches, which is the cutting-edge technology in the world. We can customize capacitive touch panel and direct bonding with LCD modules with various type of structures, such as GFF / GF2 / PFF / PSG / GG / OGS / PG / IML / touch keys / smart surface, etc. 

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Yantai Zhenghai Technology Co., Ltd.


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Address: No. 21, Zhujiang Road, Yantai, Shandong province, P.R.China

Yantai Zhenghai Technology Co., Ltd.

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Yantai Zhenghai Technology Co., Ltd.

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